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Korath by winddragon24
 I been changing his looks alot these past weeks, and this may be his final look to him. Korath may change in looks but he still the same kind of demon as always. This is some of the bio about has gone through a slight change but not too much.

Name: Korath
Nickname: Goaty, Grump, The scarlet goat
Age: 27 (in demon years) 227 (regular years)
Species: Goat Demon
Eye color: Golden
Hair/Fur color: Brownish copper and sepia
Birth place: The Gor'thos Scarlet Mountains (Demon Realm)
Relationship: Emily (lover)
Gender: Male
Body type: slim muscular brute body
Scars/distinguishing marks:  claw marks on his chest, shoulders, legs and some on his back...
Languages spoken:  English, Demonic, Bloodhoof Tongue

Personality:  Aggressive, rash, bossy, independent, bigoted, romantic, shameless, violent, curious, reckless, boastful, brutal, cruel, a little sadistic

hidden traits: hesitant, insecure, sincere, sympathetic, loving, gentle, patient, lustful, kind, unsure, caring

Likes: mornings, sun rises, nature, Thorin, fighting,sharping his claws, rough sex, being romantic with emily, lustfully taunting emily, running up the mountainside, ripping flesh apart,  leaping from rock to rock, climbing, hunting, lusting for females , Emily, taking long walks, eating raw meat,

Dislikes: Jeleith, Abysireal, losing, A lot of things, forest fires, territory invasion, humans (not all of them), senseless killing, seeing emily getting hurt, ANYONE that hurts emily or his family.

Hobby: collecting scarfs, training, mountain climbing, sharping and messing with his claws, licking his fingers clean after a raw meal (more of a habit really), taking short naps, listening to music, walking, counting how much he has killed

Other bio stuff mention before still applies

And yes he still has cloven hooves. :) Please leave feedback.
Baron of Hell -Doctor Hayden's page collection 5 by winddragon24
Baron of Hell -Doctor Hayden's page collection 5
Date log, March 27th 2143

We where hoping to find another Summoner page since we discovered two of them for the past two weeks, but it came to us in a shock that we found an entirely different page. Hayden was surprised himself when we show him a page of a baron of hell, a find we believe to be one of the rarest since the discovery of the Helix Stone. Hayden and his team carefully studied and the page, and we where able to translate the runes on it. When the translation was completed, we where shocked to learn about the demon's origins but how its powers can be used. It was something that even Olivia herself desire so much, but Hayden has last say, and the page was taken to his private office along with the others.
Summoner 2 -Doctor Hayden's page collection 4 by winddragon24
Summoner 2 -Doctor Hayden's page collection 4
Date log, March 20th, 2143

The discovery of another page was indeed a proud moment for us, what makes it even better that its another Summoner page as well. We carefully transported the page back into our world, and into our lab to  be study and translated. Hayden of course was the first one to take a look at this page and work along side with us with the translation process. Once that was completed, we where able to learn how these Summoners could generate alot of argent energy.  This page alone gave us the knowledge how these creatures work, and if we ever capture theses creatures, we can figure out a way to control them as well. Like all the other pages, Hayden added this to his private collection.
The Summoner - Doctor Hayden's page collection 3 by winddragon24
The Summoner - Doctor Hayden's page collection 3
Date log, March 10th, 2143

The Summoner was a recently newly discovered demon the Tethering Operations came across a last week, however we have NO clue of what they are or how they live, so discovering this broken off page was a big deal for us. Doctor Hayden took the page for himself but he allowed his scientists to observed, and decode the page, Hayden even worked along side them.  When we finally where able to translate it, it took us by shock by how much argent energy these Summoners can control. Never before have been so intrigued by a demon as powerful as the Summoner, we also read that they are part of the Archvile class. Finding this page was truly one of  our great achievements for the UAC,  now we focus our attention to capture one of these creatures. 

Done in copic markers, faber castell, and  toner grey paper.
Prowler 2 -Doctor Hayden's page collection 2 by winddragon24
Prowler 2 -Doctor Hayden's page collection 2
Date log, March 7th, 2143

Along side the first page, this page was also retrieve from the other dimension. The page itself shows an image of a prowler in a hunting position, this too also bares rune writing next to the drawing of the creature itself. We are still working on decoding the writing to learn more about the demons and their culture. However,  Hayden has taken the page for himself and even stated that he will be the one to decode it, the page was sent to his private office to be put on display for observation.

Done in copic markers, faber castell and toner grey paper.



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
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Likes: Drawing, writing (sometimes), listening to music, (mainly Toonami Beats, Nujabes ) demons, furries, ponies, anthro, action movies, some peace and quiet, nature, outer space, animals with their unique abilities, fantasy and sc-fi

Dislike: Being too lazy, loud noises, crowded places, my little brothers, being alone, a lot of the pop music now in these days, people sometimes
Metalocalypse Stamp by Sardonicus-Smiles
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Parade of Dragons Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter Nazgul Stamp by Moa-isa-JediKnight General Grievous Stamp 5 by dA--bogeyman
Infested stamp by Joey616 Hydralisk by Alianys Dragon Age Origins Stamp by Lizkay

You can fine me on tumblr :)
I have been getting a couple of new art supplies for my art, new copics, ink pens, and drawing sketchbooks. However commissions will remain close for the meantime as I hardly have time to draw and such, however I have just enough time to make some cool copic artwork this time around. I recently brought DOOM and already I have fallen in love with that game! I love the single player mode so much, multiplayer seriously needs to be better, and snapmap is really fun but I felt its a bit limited sometimes, hopefully updates for that will be coming up soon. Anyway it seems the Summoner has QUICKLY become my new favorite monster to draw, as for the new look for the baron of hell as well. :) More doom monster drawings will be popping up soon.

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hey how have you been?
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I really like your art. It's really colorful, crisp, and neat.
Seriously- with your monster designing skills, you're on a good path to creating some really amazing beasts. :D

Keep up the outstanding work! :clap:
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Hey, just wanted to tell you that you are an ewesome artist. You draw so many sexy demons, especially when it's the Dark One and the Adversary. Damn these tw guys are so hot <3 , and you draw them very good. :)

I knew you thanks to Lisa (UndeadKitty). I am one of his close friend. I saw your drawing of Kasier, such an awesome drawing. Anyway she loves what you do too. ;)
aryathekiller Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Student General Artist
I wish I could draw as good as you
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Wow your art is way better than mine QAQ ♡♡♡
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Check this guys artwork
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I think you might enjoy his style as well. Both of yours are similar.
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Hello Winddragon24,

I'm Darkfirestorm, a admin for Decepticon-nation, a Transformers RP art/writing group, and helpful recruit adviser.  I was wondering if an awesome artist like you would be interested in joining?e-transformer :3 
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